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Robert Kiosaki, although it sounds strange, had two fathers. Rich dad and poor dad. Biological father, PhD, head of education for the State of Hawaii, had always not enough money and died in debts. Second one, that left shool at the age of 13, realised his life plans and become one of the most rich people on Hawaii.

Kiosaki is best-known for his books on investing. His first bestseller was titled Rich dad poor dad , and is an attempt to change the mindset of the average employee. Kiosaki talks about his "poor dad", his actual father, who had very little real net worth, as well as his "rich dad". According to Kiosaki, his rich dad was his best friend's father who became very wealthy by investing his smaller income into income-producing investments, and became truly rich.

Kiosaki uses the "rich dad, poor dad" comparison to illustrate his view that the majority of people are stuck in what he refers to as "the rat race" - living paycheck to paycheck and spending all of their time working to pay bills. In his books, Kiosaki advocates tax-advantaged investment vehicles, such as real estate or businesses, rather than the traditional individual ownership of securities. He describes what he calls the cashflow quadrant, which is an attempt to differentiate between Employees, Self-employed or Small business owners, Businesspeople (as in those who buy and sell businesses, rather than running their own), and Investors.

Didactic games

In an attempt to open more minds to the thought processes of the rich, Kiosaki has created several games to reinforce the points in his books. His first game, Cashflow 101 , teaches players how to get out of the rat race by acquiring assets that produce passive income in excess of expenses. Cashflow 202 is a more advanced game which attempts to help players learn about more sophisticated investing strategies, such as stock options. Kiosaki also targets adolescents with the game Cashflow for Kids and his book Rich Kid, Smart Kid .
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